Advanced Analytics with Pro Tools

The value of bioinformatics tools is realized by empowering researchers to make informed decisions based on their data. However, this is not straightforward as every researcher is different, and every data is different, how can we develop tools to effectively meet such needs?

As shown in the figure on the right, we can achieve this in three stages – raw data processing, exploratory data analysis, and prescriptive analytics. For basic research, we are mainly at the first two stages (discovery phase). For translational applications, we need to validate a workflow from exploratory data analysis, and use the workflow to process future data for decision making. The process is more rigorous and requires considerations of other contextual information.

In addition to better interfaces and more features compared to the community tools, pro tools are designed with those goals in mind:

  • Efficiency & Productivity - streamlined workflow creation and execution based on templates (i.e. purpose-built workflows), automatic generation of analysis reports and slides.
  • Stability & Reproducibility - through project management, resumable analysis, and R command tracking
  • Better Computing & Larger Data - multiple computing nodes available. For raw data processing, users can directly use their Google Drive to share large data.
  • Better Support - prioritized for troubleshooting and new feature requests. AI co-pilot is also coming soon.

Subscription to Pro Tools

We offer two types of subscriptions:

  • Individual Subscription - designed for one person. If you have taken our Omics Data Science course, you are eligible for a membership discount on the regular price.
  • Lab Subscription - designed for a regular lab or team, with 2~4 people involved in data analysis. The primary account owner can create sub-accounts and assign to different members. The primary account will have control (create/update/delete) of the sub-accounts. Different accounts can share projects and workflows.
The prices for annual subscription (in USD) of different pro tools are given below. Please use the Registration page to reach us.

ToolsIndividual Price (Member)Lab Price (2nd @ 80% | 3rd @ 70% | 4th @ 60%)
All Six Pro Tools$1200 ($1000)+$800 | +$700 | +$600
MetaboAnalyst Pro$750 ($600)+$480 | +$420 | +$360
MicrobiomeAnalyst Pro$600 ($500)+$400 | +$350 | +$300
ExpressAnalyst Pro$600 ($500)+$400 | +$350 | +$300
OmicsAnalyst Pro$600 ($500)+$400 | +$350 | +$300
OmicsNet Pro$600 ($500)+$400 | +$350 | +$300
miRNet Pro$500 ($400)+$320 | +$280 | +$240