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Omics Data Science Training course
  • Course objectives: underlying the diverse "-omics" technologies, there is a set of stable patterns and core concepts for omics data analysis. After taking the course, you will
    1. Develop a good knowledge of the concepts and approaches for omics data analysis;
    2. Understand the subtleties or uniqueness of common omics data analysis workflows;
    3. Perform effective omics data analysis using our user-friendly omics tools (community or pro) through web interface
  • Target audience: senior undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, researchers and PIs who are interested in omics data analysis
  • Course delivery: virtual via Zoom. We will share the Zoom link three days before each topic. All slides and lecture recordings will be available in your home directory
  • Course schedule: we are now planning two sessions:
    • Summer Bootcamp (Aug. 5 - 9, 9:30 - 16:30 with ~60 min break, Montreal time)
    • Regular Session (every Saturday morning 9:30 - 12:00, Sept. - Nov., Montreal time)
    Please visit the Registration page to indicate your interest.
  • Course content: for each topic, we will cover three components: core concepts, key tools, live demo & hands-on practices. The figures below shows the main topics, associated tools and our publications. After an overview of key omics technologies and common patterns in omics data analysis (foundational lectures [2]), we will start with transcriptomics [2], followed by gene regulatory networks and proteomics [2], metabolomics [2], microbiomics [2], and finally, multi-omics integration [2]. In addition, we will also offer special topics based on user feedback (some example topics are shown in the figure). The winter 2024 session was concluded successfully. You can see a copy of the course syllabus. For those who attended the winter 2024 training session, please Log In to access your course materials