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In addition to better interfaces and more features compared to the Community tools, Pro tools are designed with those goals in mind:

  • Efficiency and productivity - streamlined workflow execution based on templates, automatic generation of analysis report and presentation
  • Reproducibility - through project management, resumable analysis, and R command tracking
  • Better resources and support - more computing resources, more database options, together with AI copilot
The figure below summarizes the key concepts among different components

Roadmap toward Analytics 3.0

AI technologies will transform omics data analytics. The main question is how we can leverage AI to improve our data understanding and decision making, while avoid the issues such as hallucinations and bias. We take three core measures as described below:

  • Using retrieval augmented generation (RAG) technology - RAG leverages our comprehensive training materials for different omics data analysis and user feedback;
  • Grounding - the AI generated content will be based firmly on the templates, user inputs and the current analysis context;
  • Co-piloting - the analysis report and slides (i.e. text and figures) are accessible and understandable to both human researchers and AI for collaboration, as compared to navigating across different web pages
The figure below summarizes the key milestones with approximate timelines


The regular prices for annual subscription (in USD) of different pro tools are given below. If you have taken our Omics Data Science course, you are eligible for a membership discount on the regular price.

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Last updated: 02-28-2024