Omics Data Analysis Services

In addition to trainings and pro tools, we offer analysis services for various common omics data types.

  • Upon receiving your request, we will contact you to assess the suitability of data and analysis objectives.
  • Once confirmed, we will complete the analysis in ~3 weeks. The results include:
    • Comprehensive analysis reports and slides using the most suitable methods based on your data and analysis goals.
      • If you have subscribed to our pro tools, we will transfer the live project to your account so that you can perform further exploration.
      • If you don't have an account, you will receive a temporary account (valid for 4 weeks).
    • You can request a free consultation session for the analysis results.
The starting prices (in USD) are provided below. Please use the Registration page to reach us.

TypesStarting Price (Member*)
Targeted Metabolomics (table input)$1000 ($800)
Untargeted Metabolomics (LC-MS spectra)$1600 ($1200)
RNAseq (model species)$600 ($500)
RNAseq (non-model species)$800 ($600)
Microbiome (amplicon data)$600 ($500)
Microbiome (shotgun metagenomics)$1600 ($1200)
Multi-omics analysis$2400 ($1800)
* Member prices are applicable if you have subscribed to our courses or pro tools